hey you

did you get lonely
looking for yourself out there
just check in and leave

but you ought to know
when i tie the knot with him
you’ll be invited

it would mean the world
just to know that we were cool
and that nothing’s wrong

the best times we had
were when we were only friends
friends and nothing more

wonder how you’ve been
hoping you’ve been better off
take back what i said

turns out you were right
ten steps ahead as always
no need for advice

i’d give you some props
but they’d get lost in the mail
so haikus instead :)

221019 //// bones

the skull you dig up
hands running over old cracks
can’t get that time back

that you can’t heal ancient wounds
time has failed to mend

asking empty eyes
how they lost their fabled shine
was it just your time

no one’s cross to bear
only pain is buried there
still you dig it up


get away from me
how do i get away now
self-induced exile

when you’re by yourself
there’s no one else to lie to
get your story straight

250919 /////// somehow you will return

are you still out there
in a universe apart
each of us his own

see crystal visions
sometimes readings are unclear
but one is concise

lessons never learned
pitfalls into the unknown
swallow all the years

trouble never quits
i’d lift you til my spine breaks
just to prop you up

empty out the dust
crumbs of anger, guilt and fear
keeping you plugged up

say what you want to
no one listens anyway
find nothing to fear

everything to gain
from the scope of all angles
not all hope is lost

wasting all my time


280419 // four ways

today you came back // all winters i wait

the rain weeps torrentially // stomping down like thunderclouds

how long you’ve been gone // someday you’ll return

palm leaves whispering // all souls drift apart

dark clouds gather to witness // spring showers petals of love

tomorrow you’ll come // down time’s great river

down time’s great river // tomorrow you’ll come

spring showers petals of love // dark clouds gather to witness

all souls drift apart // palm leaves whispering

someday you’ll return // how long you’ve been gone

stomping down like thunderclouds // the rain weeps torrentially

all winters i wait // today you came back

190424 /////// body majyks

my mind is a faucet
my mouth is the drain
catch all the runoff
empty the brain
my thoughts are the water
they flow to be free
this is my captain’s log
through shifting seas
light through a diamond
every color displayed
trapped in its confines
it shines to be seen

sitting here kills me
my mind has to speak
its basin is filling
it’s reaching a peak
ideas are spilling
i catch what i can
forgetting is slow death
time slips through hands
yet lasts forever
a torturous pause
i’ve come to accept it
as existence’ laws

the body mechanics
are easily learned
but as any system
if overused burns
some input is jarring
the lack of it stirs
a hidden awareness
of how it all works
removing the vision
by closing the eyes
slows down a process
one billion pieces of information per second cease

and the mind sees
at first.

a chaotic darkness
through unknown paths
millions of muscles
and nerves to relax
wandering slowly
from fingers to toes
exploring blindly
how far this goes
with delicate tension
each piece does a part
holding the poise
the body as art

310319 b.

fields of dormant seeds
never saw a spring like this
one vibrant sendoff

try to start again
with more wisdom than before
life is a process

look deep in yourself
we’re nothing and everything
the loved and the lost

to get lost in you
don’t know how else to say it
just want you closer

dare you to let me
it’ll be time to go soon
sucks to say goodbye

fly off the guardrail
no one will know where i went
just like usual

190319 /a seagull

fading lighthouse rays
beckon too late to the lost
through waves of silence

dark storms on the sea
thrash into the stillest calm
stirring all that sleeps

dreams drift through the night
sunlight now gleams on the shore
dancing as a breeze

the sea has not changed
and you’re not now who you’ve been
wings to the clear skies

elegy for a friend

don’t think i don’t know
even if i am not there
i know where you’ve been

so conscious it hurts
sore mind tearing its own seams
just lay down awhile

all you will will be
there can be no obstacles
just time in your way

fragile moments lost
friends will die or disappear
that’s just growing up

sift through specks of time
memories gather like dust
ghosts in picture frames

now i waste my breath
building temples out of words
that no one enters

this one is a shrine
your soul ridden with decay
seeking some respite

may you rest softly
dreaming through the darkest sleep
angels lead you in

if you have to go
a goodbye is all i ask
i won’t change your mind