advice for an absolute beginner

a soul forged in flames

such is stronger than it came

goes and comes and then

how many lifetimes

plagued by what you cannot change

try and try again

a heart tried and true

don’t mistake my eyes for you

big cats watch and wait

enjoy the unknown

look a tiger in the eye

live life like it’s fate


severed from the poles

in this lifetime i’m adrift

somewhere new to be

uneasy notions

haunted when the seasons shift

stealing warmth from me


the fire in my head

burns softly all through the night

inhaling ashes

cling to wisps of smoke

grasping for what isn’t there

visions and cruel dreams

writing on the wall

doesn’t make sense the next day

missing all the signs

i would drive all night

for a glimpse of that dawning

pinnacle morning

the first of many

bright rises on dark ridges

a new day is born

dreams, man (they’ll fuck you up)


of borrowing

this is a list of things i’ve borrowed:


first, from my dad and mom

the genes passed down our family

from their parents, and so on

then i borrowed my mother’s body

while i formed my own


all the air i ever breathe

and the water that makes up me

i borrowed from the sky and sea

my cells have grown and been replaced

i’ve kept few since my founding day


these words are not just from my tongue

language comes from more than one

borrowed wisdom from those who teach

is lent out to those who need

and everything that i have drawn

i borrowed from something i saw


so what do i have that is mine

all we have is borrowed time

whence it comes and where it goes

we are all too small to know

but when it’s gone, as i have learned

all that is borrowed must be returned


digging in the dirt
years of silence underfoot
first rays of sunshine

warmth where there’s been none
things that don’t rot aren’t reborn
churn soil start again

sun shines on my back
warm thoughts underlie the task
shovel the days by

one heap at a time
each one is one heap closer
than the day before

when the task is done
shoveling days one by one
then at last i’m home

221019 //// bones

the skull you dig up
hands running over old cracks
can’t get that time back

that you can’t heal ancient wounds
time has failed to mend

asking empty eyes
how they lost their fabled shine
was it just your time

no one’s cross to bear
only pain is buried there
still you dig it up


get away from me
how do i get away now
self-induced exile

when you’re by yourself
there’s no one else to lie to
get your story straight

250919 /////// somehow you will return

are you still out there
in a universe apart
each of us his own

see crystal visions
sometimes readings are unclear
but one is concise

lessons never learned
pitfalls into the unknown
swallow all the years

trouble never quits
i’d lift you til my spine breaks
just to prop you up

empty out the dust
crumbs of anger, guilt and fear
keeping you plugged up

say what you want to
no one listens anyway
find nothing to fear

everything to gain
from the scope of all angles
not all hope is lost

wasting all my time