the stranger within
i still don’t know his true name
chasing mirror dreams

can’t live with yourself
but who is the self you hate
you’re trapped with someone

diminished returns
wonderment is a temptress
can’t have it enough

the truth seems hazy
it’s clear i don’t see clearly
will it be this way

looking down on clouds
too high up to see the ground
no bliss without crime

been too long since i’ve spoken
mouth hardly knows how to open
the voices are only static now
fading faintly in and out
just shadows fleeting roundabout
missing what they used to say
maybe they’ll come back someday

someone is driving me down this road
i ask where we’re going now and then
a shake of the head—
mine’s spinning again

the road is long we’ve wandered on
our good times are many but distant
the wheel was never in my hand
how long have i been going nowhere?


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