here, elsewhere



160716//noitarebrever aet

theirs mouths open / i strain to pay attention

but all i see is white noise

i nod along / the bubbles pop from their mouths

and hold a breath full of question marks

i wonder what i say / a different voice comes out every time i open my mouth

and if it’s understood

underlying instinct says / every little action is a part of the gameplan

that nothing is random

the tea sits humming on the counter / a hidden message clear to me once i am immersed

its secret is the way to enlightenment

in the future we will all live in our own heads / they will find us plugged in and asleep

having the power of god to fascinate ourselves

until this overdrive of bliss ruptures our systems / a machine designed ultimately to break

and sends us into the oblivion of fulfillment

the true path to nirvana is from the couch to the refrigerator / i wander in woods of profound absurdity

distracted from my revelations by leftover cake frosting



les mots//my insides hurt

0815 heatwave

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view from the kitchen floor

got plenty of sads

infinite ways to say so

just not enough juice


gonna speed through this

make sure it’s right not perfect

time’s too tired these days


how did i get here

feels like a coma onset

i should call for help


i know i’m dying

i had a dream about it

i’m not ready yet


but that’s all bullshit

i’m as ready as i’ll get

anytime will do


it’s not flattering

this floor makes my face look fat

i care a little


cat son saunters by

he lays on the floor all day

so what if i do


i accept my fate

this dull carpet holds some life

but mostly holds dust


it’s a cry for help

it’s an ode to not dying

let’s see who hears it


same reason to stay

as to get up off the floor

no reason at all

everything’s just wonderful

cat son does a sick trick

sick trick